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Referendum for a Directly Elected Mayor

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The Local Government Act 2000 allows residents to request a leadership referendum which would permit a public vote for an alternative, more democratic Mayor and Cabinet leadership model. 

This would allow the people of Bracknell to be represented by a Directly Elected Executive Mayor - not an ornamental necklace clad mayor that is normally reserved for public occasions and openings (we've already got one of those) - but a leader elected by the people he or she would serve, a leader elected by a majority, leading with their own selected cabinet of elected executive councillors.

Why should Bracknell do this?

Bracknell Forest Council currently has the traditional Leader & Cabinet leadership model. This means the elected councillors themselves bear full “democratic” responsibility of selecting a leader who then once selected will appoint his or her own cabinet of executives.

The proposed Mayor and Cabinet model gives a structure much akin to the current council’s executive but would allow a more democratic and representative choice of leader.  The residents themselves would vote - with a majority electing a leader that could [and arguably should] be party neutral. This would give Bracknell residents a leader that truly works in our genuine interests and preferably not toeing a party line or being distracted by their additional political ambitions or business ventures.

In May of this year the current leader of Bracknell Forest Council would have held his position for TWENTY ONE years.  However, he represents one of smallest group of voters [wards] in the Bracknell Borough.  His proportion of the entire Bracknell Forest vote represents less than 2% of the voting population and he doesn’t even hold a majority in his own ward.

If the people of Bracknell chose to adopt the proposed new model, then a Mayoral election would be held every four years (along with regular Local Elections). This would allow the voting population of Bracknell to DIRECTLY approve or disapprove of their Council Leaders performance.

So how does this work?

Well it's quite simple - a petition with at least the names of 5% of the electorate (approximately 5,000) must be presented to the Council. Once this is received, the council are then obliged to permit a referendum. The resulting majority of this referendum will decide whether the town is to adopt the Mayor and Cabinet model of leadership or remain with the current model.

It’s also clear that Party Politics primarily serves the interests of those invested in the party, meaning voters come second. This is NOT conducive to a town hall that is accountable to the broad community that it serves. This is local residents chance to instigate change and influence the democratic process of electing those that represent us, a chance to nominate & elect a party neutral leader that serves the interest of Bracknell residents as their priority.

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