Keep the BPS Early Education Center Open

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The BPS Early Childhood Center (ECC) has served its community by providing a fun, safe, and educational environment for over 10 years. And we believe it shouldn't end there. The ECC is a safe place for children, parents and caregivers to play, learn, and socialize that goes beyond just a room full of toys. The staff and the community of families it serves have such a positive and important role in the formation of our children's future learning that we need it to remain open.

We feel that the benefits of keeping the center open outweigh the possible cost savings from closing. The National Scientific Council on the Developing Child stated that "[c]reating the right conditions for early childhood development is likely to be more effective and less costly than addressing problems at a later age.” (The Science of Early Childhood Development: Closing the Gap Between What We Know and What We Do) The ECC provides such an environment where parents and caregivers can start building strong learning foundations with their children that will serve them throughout their future.

The organization First Five Nebraska (FFN) advocates for such programs as provided by the ECC due to the importance of this precious time in a child's development. "Children whose early care and learning experiences allow frequent parent-child interaction, language-rich environments, and safe, positive conditions for exploratory play are well on their way to developing the cadre of skills that will support all future learning.” (FFN Pamphlet - The Science of Success.) By closing the ECC, parents and children would lose out on this valuable play/learning environment, without another place to turn to for such services.

In addition to serving the district families, the ECC has the unique advantage of serving military families as well. The center provides an environment for military families to connect to the community around them, help their children socialize and meet new friends, and to learn about and participate in various services offered by Bellevue Public Schools. It is an amazing resource that has become invaluable to the military families in the area.

The paper created by the Council on the Developing Child recommends that    "[p]olicy makers should consider increasing the availability of parent education and family support programs that have been demonstrated to be effective.” (The Science of Early Childhood Development) As a community we have seen firsthand how effective the ECC is, and we ask that you retain this resource for the future of our children and our community.


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