Support the installation of the statue, Council amend the MOU & Mayor sign on our behalf

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We the undersigned support the installation of the statue that the nation of Russia wishes to erect in Coast Guard Park as a lasting monument to what people can accomplish when differences are put aside and work together for a common good against evil. We request that Council amend and make appropriate changes to the (MOU) Memorandum of Understanding to create an acceptable document for the installation of the statue and authorize the Mayor to sign it on our behalf.

Raise your voice in support of this WWII Monument dedicated to allied cooperation and sacrifice under the lend lease program. Let  City Council know you want us to honor this effort and the history of our city. This monument is a tribute to a historically significant initiative called "Project Zebra" between the major allied forces in WWII. Not only that it is a small but symbolic effort to reach past our differences and honor those fallen heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice fighting against Axis aggression, but The City has previously committed to this for good reason. This historic event and training took place here in Elizabeth City at our US Coast Guard base. This base was formerly operated under the US Navy during WWII. 


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