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#BoysSufferToo: Dedicated to boys who suffer from bullying, depression, self harm, anxiety, sexual abuse and more.


Millions of boys around the world wake up each morning fearful to attend school. They are bullied day in and day out. Desensitized to their own reality. Feeling lost, alone, worthless. The boys do not deserve this pain. Like girls, boys also suffer from bullying, depression, anxiety, self harm, suicidal thoughts, bulimia, anorexia, sexual abuse, domestic violence, prejudice, and hatred in many other shapes and sizes.

As a victim of early sexual abuse, bullying, depression and anxiety, I have faced the music regarding these issues. I have lived inside of the pain and worthlessness that is birthed from hate. After pushing myself to rise through the ashes of my painful past, here I am today.

Stronger now than ever before, prepared to educate, and abolish hate through all the lands.

This petition is intended to raise awareness of my existence and intentions. I will be a beacon of hope for the boys who feel lost, afraid, and alone. The boys who suffer inside, who keep it to themselves until the pain has become too much.

My education will open the eyes of millions.

This will work. 

Awareness is key, and that is what brings me here to you today!

Twitter users: Search/view hash tag #BoysSufferToo for more information!

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  • Ignorance, Hatred, and Miseducation

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