When They Go Low, I Will Go High!

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Hurt people... hurt people.

Members of "BOYS in the GOOD," are learning how understanding this concept can influence us to rise above any adversaries that we may face. It is our mission to be a positive influence in our community through leadership and mentorship.

Join us in pledging to "GO HIGH" when others go low.

Our goal is to get 100 people to support our mission by signing our pledge.

Break the chain today. Meet anger with sympathy, contempt with compassion, and cruelty with kindness. Be the change you wish to see by helping someone who is hurting. Love is the weapon of the future. 

Whole people... heal people. 


Be sure to visit www.boysinthegood.com for more information on our program and to witness the positive work that we are doing in our community. #BoysInTheGood