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Oppose Cortina zoning changes!

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As residents of the Renaissance Commons corridor, we are very concerned about the request by JKM Development to change the plans for the Cortina project – eliminating planned condos and single-family homes in favor of more rental apartments. This would be very detrimental to a community that is already saturated with rental options. Please oppose this change!

When the Cortina project was approved in 2015, it was on the understanding that there would be a healthy mix of housing types, with rentals being a minority of the 1,108 units. The breakdown was supposed to be:

  • 115 single-family homes
  • 350 rental apartments
  • 643 condominiums

There is no reason, short of greed, to allow the developers to go back on these promises. The local real estate market has not worsened in the past two years. In fact, home values have increased 4.9% in the past year, according to Zillow. The developers' argument that the original plans aren't "financially feasible anymore," does not ring true. 

Higher-density development is more profitable for builders, but it is not good for residents of Boynton Beach. There are at least three important reasons why the City Commission should reject this request:

  • Traffic & Parking – Renaissance Commons Blvd. and Congress Avenue will soon be much more congested as a result of apartments already under construction. Increasing housing density will make this worse.
  • Public Safety – Higher levels of home ownership are associated with lower levels of crime and less strain on police, fire, and EMT resources. 
  • Education – The public schools in our zone (Galaxy Elementary, Congress Middle, and Boynton Beach High) have all received C's or D's from the Florida Department of Education over the past two years. It is harder for the schools to build strong relationships with parents when the surrounding developments have high residential turnover. 

Please consider the residents and voters of Boynton Beach when this issue comes before the City Commission and vote "no." 


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