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Boycott Wilshire Hotel, Wilshire Restaurant, and Berry Bros. and Rudd Products!

Wilshire Restaurant is one of the few restaurants left in California still serving cruel foie gras, made by force feeding ducks. On Sunday, they are having a $100 per person foie gras dinner to raise money to try to repeal the force feeding ban that will take effect July 1.  Berry Bros. and Rudd will be sponsoring the dinner by providing No. 3 London Gin to diners.  

Foie gras is an inhumane product made by force feeding geese and ducks until their livers enlarge to ten times the natural size. Ducks live in dark sheds until being force fed 3 times per day via gavage, the process of shoving a steel pipe down their throats and pumping them full of GMO corn. Because Berry Bros. and Rudd have chosen to align with foie gras supporters like Wilshire Hotel and Restaurant, we are calling for a boycott of all three businesses. Please sign this petition to let Wilshire Hotel, Wilshire Restaurant, and Berry Bros. and Rudd (No. 3 London Gin) that we will not support those who support such a cruel product like foie gras!

If you are in the LA/Santa Monica area, join us Sunday for the protest at Wilshire Restaurant's Foie Gras Dinner.

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  • Berry Bros. and Rudd Wine and Spirit Merchants
  • Wilshire Hotel
  • Principal Manager - Wilshire Restaurant
    Steve Levine
  • Executive Chef - Wilshire Restaurant
    Nyesha Arrington

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