Boycott the transphobic and homophobic ADAM film 2018

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Adam is a film that is extremely homophobic, transphobic, and perpetuates rape culture.  This film is being marketed as an LGBTQIA film, but it is actually very harmful to the community as it supports many, many homophobic beliefs.  This movie and book have harmful themes such as rape culture, the fetishizing of lesbians, predatory behavior, and completely undermines the struggles the trans community faces. This movie is NOT LGBTQIA friendly, it is in fact the opposite due to it's complete lack of understanding LGBTQIA issues as well as sexuality and gender identity as a whole. The movie follows a cisgender boy who makes choices to pass himself off as a trans man in order to get what he wants which is sex with a woman who is a lesbian.  The character is saying he was born a woman but identifies and presents as male (however he was born a male and identifies as a male, making him cis, not trans) because he thinks a lesbian will only have sex with him if he has a vagina. This is saying that gender identity is a choice as well as arguing that trans people have entitlement and access to things cis people want but can't have. This presents an offensive, twisted, and hurtful view on the trans community.  The idea that sex is easier to get when one is trans is ignorant and preposterous. This film is nothing more than homophobic propaganda disguised a comedy. The Adam film is more than a few steps in the wrong direction on the road to equality.