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Ok, maybe it is just because it is Independence Day, but enough is enough and this is not just about Ann Curry anymore, it is about all of us. Let’s send another shot that will be heard around the world, in the form of a message to corporate big-shots…a message that decisions have consequences.

Ann is a professional journalist and she was hired to be just that, a professional journalist and the opinion that she did not live up to expectations in regards to celebrity interviews and cooking segments was NOT an acceptable reason to replace her as the co-anchor of a NEWS program, because that sort of thing is not something that they should have ever asked her or any journalist to do. We tune in each morning to watch her because it is a NEWS program and she is a professional journalist that has braved every sort of danger to bring us the NEWS and is darn good at delivering the content that we need, want and expect each morning. Maybe somewhere along the way, Matt and Steve forgot who really pays their salaries, so I am calling for a TOTAL BOYCOTT of the Today Show and all advertisers who run commercials on the entire show, including every segment, (they need to start to take the consuming public more seriously), until NBC news president Steve Capus and Matt Lauer are no longer with NBC.


Because we have to draw the line and say that we have the final word on who we want to sit in those seats each morning and what we consider NEWS content and proper delivery and we need to send a message to every executive out there, that there are consequences and repercussions when they make decisions and that it goes well beyond the gentle temperament of the person that they show an utter disregard for when they make these a decisions.

Unrelenting and total boycott of the Today Show and all of its advertisers, including every segment aired in any time zone. Do it for Ann, because she has done so much for us and the people she spoke for in her coverage of the NEWS, while a lot of others were trying to entertain us, by patting us on the head and rubbing our tummies, when what we really wanted to know; was what is going on in the world each morning.

Matt overplayed his hand and Steve Capus made a big mistake…now let’s prove that to them and send a message that we really are mad as hell and not taking it anymore!

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