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The NCAA is modern day Sharecropping

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It's shady contract wording that stands in way of paying NCAA athletes, not money

"There are two, very simple truths in college athletics: Athletes are not being fairly compensated for the value they bring to their schools and conferences or the revenue that follows, and there is more than enough money to correct that." (USA Today) Collegiate football and basketball brings in 12 billion dollars annually. College coaches are making millions, tens of millions of dollars, athletic directors are being paid handsomely, the president of the NCAA non-profit organization is making almost 2 million dollars a year and the players that these franchises are build on don't receive a dollar. 

Some of these athletes are going to bed hungry while the men at the top are eating well from the labor of these athletes. It's time to stop this unfair treatment of our student athletes. Everyone should receive some compensation from this billion dollar industry, not just the few at the top.

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