Boycott the DSM: A Human Rights Issue!

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From the PLAN T Alliance

PLAN T stands for Psychiatric Labeling Action Network for Truth.

A video of the November 14, 2013, event called "Human Rights Implications of Psychiatric Diagnosis" gives information in addition to what is here below. It is available at

It is increasingly clear that the editors of the major psychiatric manual, which reaps huge profits for the American Psychiatric Association that publishes it, are ignoring the massive evidence of harm done by the labels of previous editions of the manual and of likely harm from what they plan to put in the edition they are now preparing. Previous editors ignored the need for both reform of their work and concern for those it harmed, despite letters and petitions representing more than six million people, an effort that we began at an Association for Women in Psychology conference when the manual's third revised edition was being prepared for its 1987 publication. The pledge we request here is one of the major kinds of action we recommend. It is a boycott. If you, like us, are deeply concerned about the lack of science behind the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the absence of evidence that it helps in identifying effective treatments, the absence of evidence that helps with outcome, and the abundance of evidence of people being seriously harmed by receiving a psychiatric label, as well as because the editors of the previous, current, and in-preparation editions of the DSM have been largely unresponsive to concerns expressed about these problems, please sign this petition as a statement that you take the pledge here below.  We are working to find out more information about the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), which the World Health Organization publishes and which has a psychiatry section that is purposely designed to be extremely similar to the DSM. So we urge people also not to buy the ICD if it is to use the psychiatry section (there are sections for actual injuries and diseases, such as a broken bone or cancer). We target the DSM first because its publisher, the American Psychiatric Association, is a lobby group that has not used any of the $100 million of profits it earned from the DSM-IV to redress the harm it has done or to prevent future harm from psychiatric diagnosis.

"I will not purchase any form of any edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)."


*Note added:  The PLAN T Alliance also posted a second petition at That petition is about a call for Congressional hearings about psychiatric diagnosis, regardless of which manual is involved. We hope that people signing this petition will also sign that one. Congressional hearings would on a grand scale reveal the lack of science and the harm from any psychiatric label, so please consider signing both petitions and urging others to do so. The second petition can be signed by anyone at all, not just professionals.  

IMPORTANT: The PLAN T Alliance is not connected in any way with Scientology or its CCHR.