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BOYCOTT the Corporations Funding ALEC to Pressure them to Repeal the Stand Your Ground Laws

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As we have seen from the media enticed George Zimmerman trial, the " Stand Your Ground" laws are commonly being used as an open door for civilians to use deadly force, even when they've initiated unnecessary confrontation. The only thing that these laws encourage is to make sure that victims in these circumstances are dead, as they will have no voice in telling their story. Since these laws have passed, killings of young, innocents and minorities have only increased across the nation. Trayvon Martin's death is one well known case in a sea of many that have not seen justice. 


For the prevention of further, unnecessary and unprovoked killings of innocent civilians, we need this law removed; not only from Florida, but from the 30+ other states in which they exist as well. Unfortunately, these laws won't be removed without some pivotal movement on the behalf of the people. Protesting is amazing. Voicing our feelings and standing our own ground will get the momentum going, but we need to partner that with hitting them where it hurts the most-their pockets.


ALEC, the right wing, conservatively led corporately funded "bill mill", which lobbies to get bills and laws that compromise our rights passed, is responsible for this Stand Your Ground Law nationwide. Corporations hand off the bills they want passed to legislators and it is done so behind closed doors and away from the prying eyes of the public. 


Over 98% of the funding that goes into keeping ALEC alive is provided from major corporations that pay to have a seat with this backdoor lobbying firm. The big tobacco companies are some of their biggest funders, but everyday brands and retailers that we are pouring our money into turn around and pour money into ALEC in order to fulfill their bottom line- not ours. In turn, if we want to get the momentum going in order to get this law repealed, we're going to need to take away their funding source, which is ultimately us. It's time to boycott- take our money elsewhere and back these ALEC funders into a wall. The ultimatum? Remove your affiliation with ALEC or continue to have your sales, stocks and profits plummet.


One by one, as we boycott them and encourage everyone that we know to follow suit, they will have to pull away and ALEC will have to face the people- us- and face the injustices that they have helped to cause. 


Here is the full list of ALEC corporations and supporters. SHARE, circulate and continue to share with everyone that you know. If we can get 1,000; 100,000; 1,000,000 supporters on this, they will have no choice but to heed our demands!! REPEAL these laws!  While understanding that it may not be possible to boycott all that are involved, like monopoly service providers, we can certainly draw the unwanted attention about their ALEC affiliations to those corporations as well by making this list go viral. 


For those that are able to, going out and protesting will only help to further draw media attention and add shock value and visibility to those corporations that have tried to keep their affiliations under lock and key.


Stop feeling powerless! The almighty dollar will always reign over all, since it is what makes the world go round. So let's get this petition going strong so that we can take away their bread and butter. Do it for those that no longer have a voice to advocate for their own justice...

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