Boycott Social Offline & Smokehouse Deli to support sexual abuse victims

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This week, in the wake of India's #MeToo Movement, Impresario's Manager, Vibhu Sharma was accused of rape and getting a way with for 10 years. He has also been accused by various other women who chose to remain anonymous due to fear of their safety from the accused. We have reason to believe that these grounds and accusations are valid and owing to make a real difference to let the scene be made aware that sexual harrassment in the social sphere is NOT to be taken lightly and to affect a strict decision from Impresario's owner, Riyaaz Amlani, we are choosing to boycott all Social Offline and Smokehouse Deli outlets across India. 

Please be a part of this petition; not just because you are a man, or woman who stands for the cause; but, because we live in a society where no human being should ever have to live through torture and mental abuse and NOT be able to voice their concern because the accused are powerful and privileged.