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Boycott Salisbury Super Pet & Get a Bill Passed Protecting Animals in MD

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Salisbury Super Pet has been in business for quite a long time & for quite a long time, their animals have suffered illness and malnutrition. I began this petition after a terrible experience with this store & I decided to do more research into the pet retail industry and the standards that MD has for Pet Stores in particular. Unfortunately, MD has NO strict standards regarding sanitation, licensing, vet care, food & water, lighting, etc, for these sentient beings (besides birds), and even the standards that MD has set, the pet store has often been found to be noncompliant. The pet store receives the bulk of their puppies from Hunte, one of the LARGEST distributors of puppy mills dogs in the country, yet the employees seem to think there is nothing wrong with this? Many consumers have complaints about the pet stores quality of product/service and after long research and investigation into the pet store, it has come to the attention of myself and many people that it would be best if the store owner ceased selling live animals and just sold pet supplies. To us, this is compromise.

These animals do not deserve to live in agony hoping that someone pays a fortune to buy them and further pay their costly vet bills. Too many people and animals have been subjected to disturbing issues that have stemmed from this business and its owner.

By taking this action, many animals' lives will be spared the torture of crowded cages and living in their own waste.

Please sign & share your story if you have one. We read them all and use them as the fire behind our fight against animal mistreatment. 

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