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boycott pregnancy

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yo where all these damn babies coming from

like deadass wake urself up we got all these millennials coming out these vaginas like its fuckin six flags waterpark god damn

there be like 1 billion millennials on this planet now and we keep devolving into tweeting & complaining useless scum who post memes about suicide 

then they reproduce with each other to make these useless childs an shit wit them fuckin crying and fat rolls with the only use of doing chores an paying for me retirement when i get old watching this world burn

151,600 die each day and if we stop them births then in 46,174.14 days we would be extinct

thats 126.5 years holy shit we got this lol

we loyal yet we selfish we had this earth as ours for millions of years homie like wtf lets let our race die out and let some other species have it like dolphins and shit 

from this day forward...

males stop producing cum in yo dick (fuck outta ere with that "i cant control it" flamin pile o dog shit hombre we know u selfish an wanna bust a fat wank onto tha rug in ur sisters bedroom when she away)

females stop getting praganent (like stop producing babies lol we get it u can make an army of humans if u wanted to like holy shit lol we dont care just unleash ur hormones out on snapchat or something like god damn get a grip) an if u get pomegranate then just dont have the baby like duh just keep it in there or some shit idk i aint no girl i got no worrys

  • unprotected sex be illegal
  • ovaries b illegal
  • production of sperm illegal
  • starting the day of the boycott the age of consent will be lowered to 12 (to make it more fair for them newborns)
  • missing a period be a form of crime and ur vagene will be confuscated
  • no families will exist (excluding brothers/sisters/pets) everyone is independent 
  • gay porn will be shown more to promote non-reproductive sexs)

 sign now so my boi trump make this a thing skrrrrrrrrra


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