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Name is Lottie Jefferies, in September 2017 my fiancé Liam Headon and I moved into my first home bought through Shared Ownership (a scheme designed to help people get their foot into the property ladder) however when I picked up the keys on the 22nd of September and opened my front door I walked into an unfinished house with half a kitchen and no running water. 

I suffer from a severe and chronic form of IBS and have extensive history of mixed anxiety and depression, so to have no running water or toilets when you move into your new home is not ideal. This resulted in me having a huge flare up of IBS and panic attacks which had a detrimental impact on my life.

The reason that our home was not finished is due to Persimmon homes (also known as Charles Church) not meeting their end of their obligation and finishing the work they were supposed to do as it took them 6 days to organise an ‘emergency’ Plumber and kitchen fitter to come and finish off their work. There is also still ongoing work in the house. 

Persimmon homes’ customer service department is also frankly awful, I’ve been chasing them pretty much everyday since the 1st of November to get to this point. Countless emails and phone calls to always be told ‘they’re looking into it’ but you know that they’ve put you to the bottom of the pile. If you want to see the extensive emails or phone calls im happy to provide them to you. 

More worring than that is that to my knowledge there is no regulatory body or ombudsman service (that I have found) that you can refer to when something like this happens. To date I have not been able to find legal representation to either look at the case, or the fees are not affordable for someone who has just invested every penny into their new home. I want to raise the fact that for people like Liam and I there’s is nothing we can do for Persimmon to acknowledge what they have done - or not done in this case. And raise awareness so this can’t happen to other people to. 

I will leave the email trail of my correspondence between Persimmon and myself. It would mean the world if you can read it and sign the petition to stop Persimmon sending pre fabricated apology emails and being able get away with that with no consequences.

Thank you so much for your time.



From Lottie Jefferies
Sent: 28 November 2017 13:14
Subject: Re: Window - Response to be sent to MD.

Dear Samantha,

Thank you for your email, please can the below be passed onto your managing director.

I have reviewed the pre-completion handover list you provided for me, I can confirm categorically that none of the items noted on the list were completed prior to me taking occupancy of the property.

I would also like to add that items 1,3,7,9,10,12 & 13 have still not been rectified. Moreover, item 7 is not the cupboard door, it is the living room door that is binding. I would like for the above to be rectified as soon as possible.

I'm sure that you will agree that you can't put a price on mental health and emotional well being, and that being said along with the numerous emails and phone calls - 16 attempts since the 14/11 have been made and much more prior to this date, I'm more than happy to provide a phone log if required. This has taken a lot of my personal time - I'm sure you can appreciate that working full time means you value what time you have away from your desk and I've spent most of mine chasing Persimmon homes for updates.

Furthermore, an even more aggravating fact is Persimmon were aware of my situation for many weeks and did not act on trying to contact me to resolve the issue? Coming from a customer service driven role myself I find this alarming as if I was aware of such serious negligence I would want to contact my client to try and offer a resolution as soon as possible, it seems Persimmon were quite happy to sit back and not act until I made my first contact on the 1st of November

Further to my doctor's letter, I provided on the 1st of November I would like to try to explain the detrimental impact this has had on me as I have an extensive history of mixed anxiety, depression, and chronic IBS. To move into a new property of which had no running water or a working toilet was like a nightmare. I'm sure you can appreciate that moving home is stressful enough as it is without the above problems As expected an IBS flare up was triggered on the moving day so I was really anxious to get into my new property to be able to use my facilities.

To open the door to find my house in the state it was in broke my heart. I frantically went around trying the taps and toilets to no avail, I felt sick and in pain and totally lost. It really felt like a bad dream I wish I could wake up from. But unfortunately, it was a reality. I had to travel 2 miles to find a toilet that I could use and had to rely on my friends and family to take over from there as I had to get on the phone to find out how this was allowed to happen?

Even more painful is that myself and fiancee put everything we had into getting the money together to make this move happen, I had to sell my horse in order to help get the funds together. And you may be thinking 'it's just a horse' but he was my world. My absolute world. and the only thing getting me through the grief of letting him go was focusing on our new home, it was hard for my friends and family to see me going through it and I kept assuring them it would be fine once Liam and I were moved into our new home.

I think you will agree in today's economic climate it's a real achievement for people to get a step onto the property ladder. And for our hard work to be abolished because Persimmon homes can't meet their end of their obligation is frankly unforgivable. My experience as a first-time buyer has been ruined, I never wish to move home again unless it is absolutely necessary due to the trauma that has been inflicted in this process.

You're probably reading this email and thinking, 'it's just another unhappy customer who is making a fuss' but I want you to take a moment to sit and really think.

If this had happened to you. Or a family member. Or your son or daughter. How would you feel? Knowing the heartache that had been caused, knowing all you or they have gone through to get to this point. How would you feel genuinely feel?

It's a fact of life that the bigger and more successful a company gets, their quality and personal service suffers. I'm a compassionate and rational person and I understand that mistakes happen, but due to the scale of errors made and how this has personally affected me, my health, my work, finances and my fiancee I feel that £30,000 is a justifiable compensation amount.

I look forward to your response.

Many Thanks

Lottie Jefferies

From: "Vernalls, Kate" 
To: "'Lottie Jefferies
Cc: "Barrett, Samantha" 12/12/17 16:36
Subject: FW: Window - Response to be sent to MD

Good Afternoon Ms Jefferies,

Please accept my apologies for the ongoing issues you have been having in your property. I am very sorry to learn that your experience with us so far has been less than adequate and for any stress or inconvenience caused to you. At Charles Church, we take pride in ensuring our customer’s satisfaction, unfortunately we did not meet your - or our own – expectations and for this I am very sorry. I appreciate you taking the time to bring this to my attention.
We have every desire to address the issues outstanding from handover as soon as possible. Sam has arranged to schedule in our maintenance operative Bob Matthews to attend to your property on Monday the 18th of December from 2pm to carry out the below works should that date be suitable for you;
v Ease and adjust living room door
v Improve details around newel post at top of stairs
v Touch up decoration to walls where marked in hall stairs and landing.
The kitchen appliances that are missing manuals; Please can you confirm these as being fridge/freezer, washing machine, oven, boiler? Please let me know if there are any other items that you require manuals for.
In regards to the extractor fan in the kitchen – can you confirm this is the extractor hood above the hob?
Sam has spoken with our landscaping contractor VDW and ground works company Galamast who are coming back to me tomorrow to confirm whether they will be able to lay the mulch and rectify the loose paving slabs before Christmas.
Turning to your request for compensation, ensuring there is no misunderstanding, compensation would only be awarded in the unusual situation where a material defect is not repaired i.e. you would be compensated the value of what the repair work would cost ensuring you are not at a loss. This is not a practice undertaken by Charles Church, as our duty of care to you is to rectify any defective workmanship which we are doing although I do appreciate the length of time taken to resolve some of the issues.

Please accept our sincerest apology for any trouble or inconvenience we have caused you. Again, we highly appreciate your feedback as it will assist us in becoming better at what we do.
Thank you for your ongoing patience whilst we work to complete the above items.
Kind regards,

Kate Vernalls
Customer Care Manager
Persimmon Homes & Charles Church South Coast
Contact Tel: 0800 0830116 & Fax: 01329 281156


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