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BOYCOTT PAPA JOHNS!!!: Boycott Companies laying off, cutting hrs, or hindering employees

Many companies are jumping on the bandwagon of creating outright protests and public tantrums due to the Obamacare reforms. Yes, big businesses will increase expenses, however, should this justify making their employees suffer by preventing them from equal access to affordable healthcare or preventing them from earning enough to survive in these hard economic times? Make a strong statement that we will not stand for these injustices. WE the people are the ones who create earnings for these businesses and if they are not going to be unscrupulous we will not support their decisions. Put on your aprons and cook at home or dine at supportive, local spots but do not give your hard earned $ to these companies until they do what's right!!!

So far on the growing list: Applebees, Papa John's....

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    Papa Johns
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    Michele Edlin

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