Boycott Motawif

Boycott Motawif

12. Juli 2022
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Gestartet von Tamara Nameer

Saudi Hajj Ministry made a sudden announcement that Hajj pilgrims from Europe, United States, and Australia have to apply for visas for the pilgrimage via the online government portal Motawif.

pros: non for pilgrims! 


travel agents are suddenly jobless 

some senior citizens don't have credit cards.

online system full of glitches and errors

no one answers phone calls from customer service

expensive 9k - 15k $, and not 6k$ as announced 

some paid for flight tickets on top of the booked plan

no scholar guide

Total chaos! for many pilgrims flight / hotel rooms were not booked, packages were downgraded with no offer of partial refunds, at Mina no assigned tents, no food, filthy toilets. and the chaos goes on! 


Whoever behind this idea, pulled this move with full confidence that Muslims pilgrims will do anything they can to fulfill their religious duty, but we need to stop this unimaginable neglect und indifference to our fellow muslims! I am assuming it’s a lack of care and not done with intention. 

The idea of central portal online system is good, if it fulfills what it promises. So far we have seen nothing but high expenses and bad service.

Motawif took people’s life saving and delivered nothing but chaos and stress! 

We demand apology for all western pilgrims, refund of money and never organize Hajj again. 

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113 Unterschriften:Nächstes Ziel: 200
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