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**BOYCOTT** MICHIGAN Renaissance Festival: until they DO NOT ALLOW EXOTIC ANIMAL VENDORS to participate in future festivals

Exotic animals are not meant to be on display in cages for human amusement. The babies are taken from their mothers to be handled by the public all day long, instead of sleeping, romping and enjoying the wild. They are constantly being waken to be held for profit. The vendor insist they are rescued- we all know that is false. The company does not get a constant stream of exotic babies coming their way...WE HAVE TO SPEAK FOR THE ANIMALS!! and BE HEARD!!

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    Kathy Parker
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    Jason Parker
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    Anna Peterson
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    Kim Heidger
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    Stephanie Parker
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    Maria Christian
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    Sarah Dodge
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    Sarah Kladzyk
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    April Corey (Craft Coordinator)

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