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Like KFC, or Kentucky Fried Cruelty, McDonalds's mistreats chickens by puling their feathers,  and cutting their beaks and throats while they're alive, aside from feeding them hormons to grow so rapidly they reach a point where they can't even walk or carry their weight. There used to be a time when chickens weren't fed hormones nor tortured this way; we need McCruelty to end its evil ways and bring back the humane times. can inform further about the unfortunate truth.

Letter to
President and Chief Operating Officer Don Thompson
President - President, McDonald's USA, LLC Jan Fields
East Divison President - McDonald's USA Karen King
and 6 others
West Division President - McDonald's USA Steve Plotkin
Chief Executive Officer Jim Skinner
Central Division President - McDonald's USA Mike Andres
Group President - McDonald's Canada and Latin America Jose Armario
President of McDonald's Europe Steve Easterbrook
President - Asia, Pacific, Middle East, and Africa Tim Fenton
Please end the cruelty that chickens experience on a daily basis for us.

There used to be a time when chickens weren't fed hormones to grow rapidly and the quality of our was was not only natural, but healthier. Aside from the harsh way that the animals are treaed, their health affects us since we're who consumes them.

I doubt anyone would want to be in the positions of the chickens, from being in small cages and overweight to the point where they can't walk to the slicing of throats and cutting of beaks all while the;'re conscious. Think about it for just a minute, if possible. I'm sure it's painful and unpleasant. Unfortunately for them, they can's speak for themselves like we humans can. They deserve to be respected just like we people are kinder to each other. This country is about equality, but if animals are treated this way, then there's INequality. If chickens are going to be killed, they should at least be killed rapidly and painlessly. There's no reason for them to have to feel any pain. Cnsidering that we use them for nutrition, it's the least we can do.

Again, please put an end to their suffering, and be kinder to our chicken.