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Boycott Indian Beef Products, due to Beef Ban in India on religious grounds.

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This is a petition to all the Indian Expatriate community to boycott purchase and consumption of all the Indian Beef Products.

We believe that all the explanations given by people other than the fact that Hinduism is responsible for the ban is completely false. Many believe that the ban was a communal move, as Hinduism equates cows to God. But this is not the truth.

The demand for Indian buffalo meat in international market sparked increase in 2012-13 where the product registered 27% growth, while for processed meat it declined by 28%. The main markets for Indian buffalo meat are Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and UAE.

Beef is the second largest product exported from India after rice. It gives a revenue of over Rs 29,000 crore and banning its export would be a big set back for the economy which no government no matter what their political affiliation could afford. In fact, under Modi’s Make in India mission, food processing is an important aspect and buffalo meat processing forms an important part of it. The total consumption of beef in India per year is 26 lakh tonnes. So, the Govt wants to curb the domestic consumption in order to beefup exports. There are many proposals for expansion in this industry too, but the Govt refuses to divulge the details.

In a country where only 31% are vegetarians, It maybe "okay" for the fact this will provide a status quo to the majority Hindus and the religion in India but it is not "okay" for a secular country like India to use it's judiciary and government to impose a law that prohibits all Humans access to beef in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-religious country like India.

Most of these arguments and those not mentioned, are indeed problems that need attention and solution. But they are not problems to which a ban is the solution.

This ban is a double edged sword, on one side is Modi’s Make in India mission favoring corporates while putting lakhs of extremely poor people on the street. One factor to consider is that most of the poor people working in this industry are Dalits and Muslims. And the other is to create communal hatred and divisions for electoral gains to stay in power. Time and again this strategy is tested ahead of elections.

There are lot of reasons why this ban seems to be a communal move but in fact it is not. Let us not fall into this trap. Let us all from today, boycott the purchase and consumption of all the Indian Beef Products, there by reducing its demand in the international market. This will force the govt to lift the ban from all the states.

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