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South Korea – “There isn’t anything they won’t do to eat dogs!”

Heather Haeyun Song
Atlanta, GA, United States

Jul 24, 2015 — South Korea – “There isn’t anything they won’t do to eat dogs!”
Sharing from Nami Kim’s Facebook:
July 20, 2015:
I couldn't say "No" to this rescue SOS, responded immediately, it was so urgent.
The background information came to me later in the afternoon. The story is that he managed to escape from his owner's slaughtering. Even the eye specialist vet says this is the worst case she's ever seen in her twelve years at the hospital. Madeline Warren (she is one of the three angels protesting at the National Assembly everyday) wanted to give him a name. We voted and he is "Chance" now. Hope Chance can make it to his second chance of his life without the eyesight. Chance will be at the surgery room tomorrow to remove both of his eyes. I was at the vet to see him this evening, this ten months-old boy is definitely a lucky dog escaping from slaughtering as the second Boknal day, the dog meat soup eating day, is approaching.
Please pray for Chance! Click to watch video:
Update on July 21, 2015:
This is Chance, he underwent a surgery to remove both eyes today. He will have to be at the hospital for two weeks, then hewill be with me at my home when discharged.
Whoever has done this to this little poor dog, the Karma will get him (must be him) the vet confirmed the rupture of the eyes is caused by hammer, the infection was so bad it was going into his brain. Click to watch video:
Chance today. Bandage is removed from his head and he is out of the small room in open space as he bumps a lot. The three volunteers flown in protesting at the National Assembly visited Chance at the hospital today, all of us shed tears. Chance is such a good boy, he will be showered with love soon, we will give him more love and care when he is discharged. Click to watch video:
“Dog meat consumption is an evil custom that doesn’t belong in a modern society as well as a vice harmful to the mental health of our citizens. In my opinion, the fact that our society has been wasting national resources on utterly divisive internal conflicts in all walks of life, such as politics, economy and religion from ancient times is a natural result of evil practice of betrayal and a loss of trust in humanity through the slaughtering and eating of dogs which is then applied in human interactions consciously and unconsciously. Additionally, the slaughter of dogs causes severe pollution. In the process of mass breeding of dogs, a lot of noise pollution occurs and its negative effects on the public are serious. To solve that dog farmers commit the cruelty of forcibly bursting dogs’ eardrums to reduce the noise of barking. There isn’t anything they won’t do in order to eat dog meat. Moreover, to flavor the meat, sometimes the dogs are hung by the neck then mercilessly bludgeoned all over with a club, bursting their internal organs and killing it brutally and heartlessly. We must indeed call this a scumbag behavior.” – Beopjeong Buddhist Priest, a South Korean National. Click to read:

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