Squash greed with boycotting!!

Squash greed with boycotting!!

July 6, 2022
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Ken Christian (City of Kamloops) and
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Why this petition matters

Started by Devon Olson

Please join me in using OUR VOICE!! Enough is enough with the gas prices in this City!  

July 6th 2022 -

216.9 in Kamloops 

201.9 in Salmon Arm

206.9 in Burnaby

203.9 in Vernon

209.9 in Kelowna

We demand answers!!

In a recent article I read, based out of the Edmonton area but relevant, the gas station owner used the word "collusion".  It got me thinking...who is benefiting from the inflated gas prices if it isn't the consumers?  


Boycott posted below:




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Signatures: 36Next Goal: 50
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