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Boycott CNN, MSNBC, & Fox News until they stop normalizing white supremacist as alt right.

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Throughout this ridiculous presidential election process, the media has given Donald Trump 2 Billion dollars worth of free press and the opportunity to spread his racist rhetoric without calling him out on lies that him and his campaign clearly told. Our media, instead of reporting the truth, allowed political commentators to come on their shows and debate the truth for ratings. Now we have a President-elect who just named Steve Bannon, a self proclaimed "white nationalist," to his cabinet and our news media is covering the story as if there isn't anything incredibly wrong with this picture. We must stop the media from normalizing white supremacist as "alt right" and demand that they call this as it is... Racism! Please sign the petition and pledge to boycott the watching of all media outlets that refuse to report the TRUTH on the racism that surrounds this presidency. 

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