Boycott Channel 11 Alive

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Channel 11 Alive has gone too far by asking "Is it OK for a white kid to dress up as Moana for Halloween?". This news outlet has had several articles recently, seemingly aimed at creating racial divide in the United States. This time the article titled 'IS IT OK FOR A WHITE KID TO DRESS UP AS MOANA FOR HALLOWEEN? AND OTHER CULTURAL APPROPRIATION QUESTIONS'. Involving the innocence of something as simple as dressing up as a Disney character, and aiming it at children or their parents in their divisive articles is just not okay. Therefore I am calling for all people that have access to Channel 11 Alive to boycott this media outlet on the holiday they have chosen to attack, Halloween, October 31, 2017. Let our children remain innocent and do not allow their creativity expressed through costume to be included in their grab for ratings. Enough of the divisive, race baiting editorials! These type of articles are doing nothing but promoting racism, prejudice, and division. Enough is enough!