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Before Caylee Marie Anthony's remains were even found in December of 2008, Cindy and George Anthony had started a non-profit organization in her name. On October 14, 2008, Cindy Anthony filed for a charter with the Florida Secretary of State for the non-profit Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation. Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation had some trouble getting off the ground for legal issues. So on October 22, 2008 Cindy Anthony again filed a non-profit charter with the Florida Secretary of State for Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation, INC. The public grew increasingly skeptical of this organization, and with just cause. In 2009, IRS records reveal that 80% of the funds received went for "administrative expenses". Seeing as though the principal agents of this organization were Lee Anthony, Mallory Parker, George Anthony and Cindy Anthony, and the organization's headquarters was the Anthony home on Hope Spring Drive, it can be inferred that the majority of funds went into the Anthony's pockets. After the trial, Cindy and George Anthony began work on their 3rd non-profit attempt,  which has culminated recently in proposes to be all about grandparent's rights and yes soliciting donations, BUT THEY DONT EVEN TELL YOU WHAT OR WHERE YOUR DONATIONS ARE GOING TO!! George and Cindy Anthony and their legal counsel who enabled this, Mark Lippman, need to be stopped from using the public's sorrows and sympathy for a dead child to line their own pockets. BOYCOTT CAYLEES FUND!!!!!

Letter to
255 South Orange Avenue Suite 720 Orlando Fl 32801 George and Cindy Anthony
255 South Orange Avenue Suite 720 Orlando Florida 32801 Mark Lippman
Office of Attorney General The Capitol Pl-01 Tallahase Fl 32399 Pam Bondi - Attorney General of Florida
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Mark Lippman.


Before Caylee Marie Anthony's remains were even found in the woods in December of 2008, George and Cindy Anthony had started one of several non-profit organizations.