Boycott Bbc Urdu for their silence on Syria and Muslims killing all over the world

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People of Syria ,Burma,Palestine,Iraq,Afghanistan and Yemen are dying everday by bombs falling on them. At this time when people need to know whats happening there so they could help them the media is almost silent in Pakistan. Bbc Urdu is an international news service but sadly it is not fulfilling its purporse. Instead of reports of muslims being murdered they prefer to cover indian film industury and the death of Sri Devi. They will report about Europe but not a single report till weeks for Syria. People are dying there and the sad part is that none of you know it. In Eastren Ghauta more than 2k people have died in a month. Thats only one city what is happening across Syria? In Burma muslim teenagers are forced to do sex work but media is silent. Parents are selling their daughters for as low as 50 or 60$ so that they could eat. We should stand now against these media giants and ask for the news what we want to hear not what they want us to know. Bycott Bbc Urdu don't visit their site if you do then use adblockers and don't open their links. Unlike their facebook and unfollow them at twitter. Atleast stand for your Brothers dieing in Syria and across the world. Demand the news you want to hear not what they want us to read. Bycott them.