All Boy Scout camps need shelters that meet FEMA standards

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Through my investing, I have found that most Boy Scout/Scouts BSA camps across the country have either no storm shelters or the ones that they do have are substandard compared to what's needed to keep the attendees safe. Yes, a few camps have installed storm shelters that meet FEMA standards but this is not common practice. Kids have been injured and/or killed by severe weather while attending Boy Scout camps in recent years, so there's obviously a need for this change. My findings have found that there has been 88 injuries and 12 fatalities since 2005 which were all people attending outdoor scouting events. This is a project that I have been working on for a year now. My voice mails and emails regarding this topic have been ignored by the Boy Scouts for far too long. Just 2 days ago, 4 Boy Scout camps in Wisconsin were heavily damaged in one night (resulting in one injury), for sure one & possibly two of the camps are now inoperable for the rest of the year due to the storm damage. These camps need to have storm shelters that meet FEMA standards so that everyone attending can stay safe. This needs to be a uniform policy that covers any camp operating under the Boy Scout/Scouts BSA name.