Save the Youths of General Santos. Change the Council Chairman of the Boy Scouts Now!

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Save the Youths of General Santos City. Change the Council Chairman of the Boy Scouts Now! is a campaign to remove the current Chairperson of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines General Santos City Council on the following grounds:

  1. USURPATION OF FUNCTION - the Council Chairman's Job Description includes xxx... Executes overall supervision of Council operations and ensures that its constitutional obligations and duties are This does not necessarily mean that he should run the day to day affairs of the Council because there exists a professional Scouter called the Council Scout Executive who serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the Council. Currently, the Council Chairman who prides himself of being "hands on" in the affairs of the Council acts, behaves and performs as if he is the Council Scout Executive removing the prerogatives and operational effectiveness of the Council Scout Executive relegating the latter to the role of a "stamp pad" who can only say "sir yes sir" despite the incorrect procedures and management at times. The Council Chairman interferes with the functions of the CSE to the point that he dictates the whats, whos, wheres, hows and whys in the Council Office. Communications, letters and memos that do not include his name nor put his name first in the addressee portion (which is not actually necessary) would not be given attention nor due course. He is more concerned on seeing his name as addressee than the contents of any letter. "Martial Law" has been happening in the Scout Council of Gensan even before Martial Law was declared in Mindanao.
  2. GROSS INCOMPETENCE - The Council Chairman is supposed to lead the Local Council Executive Board (LCEB) whose main tasks are: promote, supervise and administer the program of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines and that includes among others, the welfare, growth and development of every individual scouts who are registered members of the Scouting Movement. Primary to this is the development of lifelong skills, survival skills and total development of a Scout whose growth are reflected on his Advancement into the Ranks or Ladder. For so many years now, General Santos City Council has not been producing Eagle Scouts (the Highest Rank in Philippine Scouting) and the highest rank on file as of this writing is 4 ranks below the Eagle Scout Rank. This reflects how pathetic the implementation of the programs is. The more important matters are not being given the proper attention. Membership has always been below the 20% standard for those who are enrolled in schools. Nothing has been done to implement the DILG MEMORANDUM 2018-11. Nothing has been done for the development of the Community Based Scouts (Out of School Youths). The different Committees are not functioning as they should and are not even known to many members of the Council. Anyone who would check the performance of the Council based on the MATA (Membership Advancement Training Awards) would surely gasp in disbelief. General Santos City Council has been the laughingstock of other councils for years none reporting NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING.
  3. EXTREME ARROGANCE AND CONDUCT UNBECOMING OF A SCOUT - A Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, Reverent. The highlight attributes of a Real Scout must be reflected in the conduct of any member of the Scouting Movement. Shouting, pointing of fingers and being too demanding are misdemeanors unworthy of the Scout Uniform. The Council Chairman has for many times shown extreme arrogance (even while wearing the Type A complete uniform) by shouting at people who at times block his parking and at times even point fingers emphasizing his position as the Council Chairman. These events happened in the presence of many people transacting business with the City Hall, the Red Cross and many passers-by. One could now imagine how he conducts himself inside the Council premises. Truly unScoutmanlike behavior unworthy of the uniform that he does not even fully respect by not wearing it properly. He has his own definition of PROPER which do not abide by the rules. He loves to publish his pictures and awards that do not necessarily reflect the real Scouting situation in General Santos City.
  4. FALSE CLAIMS OR MISREPRESENTATION - Eagle Scout Rank is the highest rank in the Philippine Scouting Movement. This rank is earned with blood, sweat and tears and not just given away after any good deed. This Rank is a result of many years of toiling and rolling of a Boy Scout which can only be earned up to the age of 17.5 years old. This Rank is very precious and valuable especially those who have earned it. General Santos has only produced a handful of Eagle Scouts and the last of whom were awarded in 2001 yet. Here comes the Council Chairman who boasts of being an Eagle Scout Awardee himself. Asked how he achieved it, then his answers are Mt Everest away from the real methods of earning this Highly Prestigious Award. One do not become an Eagle Scout by joining a World Jamboree! Not even if you become the world champion of Karate! Why the boasting? He has to answer.
  5. NO MORAL ASCENDANCY - Having a mistress and a child out of wedlock is a violation in itself. Having a mistress that shows herself in the Council Office, putting her weight around by even ordering some Council Staff to do things for her is misplaced. Having the Council Chairman and the mistress fighting in the presence of the Council Staff inside the Council Office is probably more than enough reason for an honorable man to step down and not show his face again. But lo and behold, he is "unfortunately" still there. People are talking behind him. This is a far cry from being MORALLY STRAIGHT. He may have changed this setup but still, the damage and the burden of having to believe him nor follow his examples are just too much to bear especially for those who really know the story.
  6. BRIBERY - Though may be hard to prove on the legal aspect, examples are abounding on this matter. The Council Chairman would order the CSE to buy uniforms for teachers or members as inducement for their participation but Scouting is a volunteer movement and each volunteer has to take care of his/her own uniforms, trainings and concerns. Obviously, the Council Chairman uses this guise to win the loyalty of some people. If this is not inducement for personal favor or motive, then it is still uncalled for to buy teachers uniforms. The exercise has not produced any good results anyway since most of these teachers are still dysfunctional as far as their true mandates are concerned - MATA in their respective areas of responsibility.

Citing the above reasons, there must be a STOP to all these highly INEFFECTIVE WAYS OF "GOVERNING" THE LOCAL COUNCIL OF GENSAN.

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