A fair national swimsuit policy for BSA

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Heather M started this petition to Boy Scouts of America

Boy Scouts of America has opened all their programs to female youth which is terrific.

However, there is no national policy on swim attire and it has lead to weird and unfair rules that vary from camp to camp.
I have heard from some leaders that their summer camp allows males to wear swim trunks and females can wear a one piece or a tankini - no midriff showing. T-shirt/additional layers ok as along as it doesn't impede movement in the water.

Our summer camp says: "Swimwear: Minimally, females must wear a one-piece suit with an optional T-shirt cover. Males must wear appropriate board type swim trunks. Feel free to add as many additional layers as you like while maintaining free movement in the water."

Problems with these policies:
One piece swimsuits are difficult for many female body types (short torso, long torso, etc).  Also I have seen many one piece swimsuits that would be totally inappropriate for scout camp and many two piece outfits (tankinis/board shorts & rash guard) that are more than modest.
Males are only required to wear board shorts but females have to cover their belly button? Why? are female belly buttons really so scandalous?
The only almost-real reason I've been given on one piece swimsuits is they are less likely to have a wardrobe malfunction.  1) I have seen way more butt cracks on boys with board shorts than I have seen females have two piece swimsuit malfunctions - maybe the boys should have to wear suspenders to avoid wardrobe malfunctions.  2) especially once wet, my tankini is not budging easily and even if it does *gasp* you might see my belly button

BSA National should have a national swimsuit policy that is fair and even.  To that end I recommend they adopt the following:
Males - board shorts and rash guard shirt (tank top, t shirt, or long sleeved) or a wet suit covering the same. no stomach showing
Females - board shorts, rash guard shirt (over swim bra or one piece swim suit for support - or rash guard with built in support) or a wet suit covering the same. no stomach showing

It's fair across the board - youth or adult, male or female, different body types, etc

It's extremely practical - especially since it will limit sun exposure (cause you know a lot of the boys aren't going to wear a t-shirt or apply sunscreen (or re-apply it) appropriately)
Available from amazon, Land's End, several other local and online retailers.

Bonus: a "uniform" swimsuit style gives BSA, Camps, vendors like Class B the opportunity to offer swim gear - a troop or camp rash guard in addition to a troop/camp t-shirt or a BSA can offer cool looking rash guards and trunks just like they sell cool t-shirts.  

My sons were in scouts, and now I'm helping with a female troop because I was always envious of what my brother got to do in boy scouts and the program is excellent.  But I want the girls to feel comfortable and included which this silly swimsuit policy doesn't do (when they said the female handbook was going to be identical to the existing handbook except with pronouns and pictures changed - i bought one and spot checked it against the existing handbook just to be sure).

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