Boy Scout President Jim Turley: Speak Out Against Discrimination and Harassment of Girls

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I have been an unofficial member of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) for 13 years and try my best to live by the Scout Oath and Law. On February 1, 2019 - 478 days after the announcement that the BSA would soon allow girls to join - I was finally permitted to become an official member of the new Scouts BSA. I have done all the work to earn the highest rank - Eagle Scout. Sadly, the BSA leaders - Jim Turley and Chief Scout Executive Michael Surbaugh - continue to promote policies of gender discrimination against girls by refusing to even consider girls for the rank of Eagle Scout until October 2020 - 3 years after announcing girls will soon be welcomed as full members. Male scouts do not have to wait until October of 2020 to earn the Eagle Rank. This policy targeting and excluding young women, while promoting young men, is an example of the ongoing gender discrimination in the Boy Scouts.  

Why is the BSA continuing to discriminate against young women? 

President Turley and Chief Scout Executive Surbaugh, please join me in speaking out against gender discrimination and harassment in Scouts BSA. 

Why did it take the BSA eight months to revoke the membership of an honor society, Order of the Arrow, adult leader, CYBERHARASSER

I am committed to building the new Scouts BSA but we need your vocal support to be free from discrimination and harassment.  

When I first met with the Boy Scout Chief Scout Executive Michael Surbaugh, he encouraged me to keep earning Rank and Merit Badges.  Mr. Surbaugh even said that I could be the first female Eagle Scout.* I did the work. I earned Merit Badges and Rank Advancement. I completed my two Eagle Projects. I was even elected Senior Patrol Leader of my Troop. I should not have to wait until October 2020 to be awarded the Eagle Rank I have already earned.  

This past October, BSA President Jim Turley told me that my work, and the work of hundreds of other young women, will not count. Male Scouts are not required to repeat work on Rank and Merit Badges and wait until 2020 to earn the Eagle Rank. President Jim Turley: why is the BSA continuing to discriminate against young women?  

Young women demonstrated enormous leadership in pushing the BSA accept girls into the program. Because of this, girls will rise through the ranks and become Eagle Scouts alongside the best of the boys. All we need is the opportunity Mr. Turley. Please end the discrimination and retaliation against young women - NOW.  

If the new Scouts BSA intends to welcome girls, there can be no tolerance for Harassment and Bullying of young women. 

Mr. Turley, we must a safe Scouts BSA program, free from harassment. Young women have to know that if we file a complaint it will be investigated and taken seriously. As of now, we don't have confidence in the BSA to investigate claims of harassment. Please work with me and speak out against discrimination and harassment in the BSA.   

Send an email to President Turley and Chief Scout Executive Surbaugh, respectfully telling them that girls have worked just as hard for recognition and deserve to the same Rank Advancement and Merit Badges opportunities as boys and to speak out against harassment. Please send to all email addresses:;;;;

#ScoutHerIn #LetSydneyInNOW #CatalystInc #MeToo

*There already are female Eagle Scouts.