TVs Gail Kasper Wants Her Job Back! 'Official Celebrity' Boxing Refuses to Honor Contract!

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TVs Gail Kasper Wants Her Job Back! 'Official Celebrity Boxing' Refuses to Honor Contract! 

Back in June 2020, Gail Kasper was approached and hired by DAMON FELDMAN, CEO of Official Celebrity Boxing to be the RING ANNOUNCER - the first female ever for an Official Celebrity Boxing event - for a match in November 2020. Celebrity Boxing hired an attorney to draft a contract and signed the contract. Official Celebrity Boxing, in addition, had a clause which provided that if they changed the date, Gail would make herself available to honor the new date.

Celebrity Boxing did in fact, change the date to June 2021, due to Covid restrictions. They then updated the news and posted it on their website and official social media accounts. (Those posts are still up promoting Gail Kasper as their official RING ANNOUNCER for the upcoming OFFICIAL CELEBRITY BOXING match between Lamar Odom and Aaron Carter at the Showboat Boardwalk Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ on Friday June 11, 2021. 

You can go check out the INSTAGRAM POST and their FACEBOOK POST and see for yourself! 

The tickets to the live event are SOLD OUT. Fans can still buy tickets to attend a viewing party at the Showboat Boardwalk Hotel or they can watch it live on TV. The fight is offered as a $29.95 Pay Per View event. 

But in April of 2021, Damon Feldman and the Official Celebrity Boxing group terminated Gail Kasper from her contract citing she was “not qualified to perform the duty as ring announcer” even though she was hired to do so and she was promoted as such in official posts and in announcements made by OFFICIAL CELEBRITY BOXING and by DAMON FELDMAN, the company's CEO. 

Gail Kasper tried repeatedly to contact CEO Damon Feldman but was unsuccessful. The CEO went dark and Gail was forced to hire an attorney to represent her and to help her get her job back! Gail’s lawyer Paul S. Levine, ESQ, stated, “This is an anticipatory breach of contract."

As Gail says, “If you were brought in to do a job, if you were hired to do a job, if you were contracted to do a job and you are qualified to do the job, then you should be doing the job.” 

And in case anyone believes this might be a fight over money, Gail Kasper plans to donate her FULL APPEARANCE FEE to benefit the ATLANTIC CITY RESCUE MISSION and in turn challenges DAMON FELDMAN and the OFFICAL CELEBRITY BOXING group to match her donation and to take a stand against violence against women, inequality and to help support this incredible and noble organization. Independent of her donation to the Rescue Mission, and in support of anyone who has been through a similar situation, Gail Kasper also plans to donate to a men’s charity and an animal charity. Stay tuned!

Please join in the FIGHT to bring equal rights to the boxing ring and help Gail Kasper fulfill the role she was hired for and contracted to do and which her fans believe and want her to perform as the first female ‘Ring Announcer’ at the “Official Celebrity Boxing” match between Lamar Odom and Aaron Carter at the Showboat Boardwalk Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ on Friday June 11, 2021. 

“I hope you’ll help me get my job back…”  

#takeastand #standupforyourrights #equalityforall #youdeservegreatness 

Now let's get ready for KASPER!