Withdraw 'Failure To Give Sex On Demand' ASBO From Sale

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Withdraw 'Failure To Give Sex On Demand' ASBO From Sale

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Dear Boxer Gifts

Your 'Failure To Give Sex On Demand' ASBO needs to be withdrawn from sale. That it was created by your company at all is bad enough. That you have so far failed to recognise, acknowledge or engage in any reasonable manner with everyone who has brought to your attention the many reasons why this product is such a vile piece of misogyny, is worse.

You have said - in the meagre twitter responses you have so far given - that it is a 'spoof', that it is 'satire'. Is stoning someone for 'failure to provide sex on demand' funny to you? Is demanding sex at all something you consider reasonable? Do you think that those who have been raped or beaten because of the sexual 'demands' of another is something which can be 'satirised'? Women's lives and childrens lives are shattered by rape and sexual coercian. Lives are ended because of it.  

In your twitter response you also said that it was 'sexist' to assume that the product was only bought to be given to women. 

Clearly you fail to realise that only people who find rape jokes funny, are rapists. Generally speaking, rapists are men. 

1 in 4 women are raped or abused. 1 in 4 women who can tell you that threatning to throw rocks at someone for failure to provide sex on demand is exactly the same thing as rape. Your product promotes, excuses and makes light of rape.

This is not funny. This is not satire. Remove this item from sale.

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