Bowdoin Athletic Department Diversity Reform

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Athletes of color do not feel safe on Bowdoin's campus. We do not feel enough support from the administration or the athletic department. Coaches, teammates, and administrators are not held accountable. Enough is enough. Below is a link to the results of our survey that exposes how frequently bias incidents occur within our institution.

We have continuously asked for a structural overhaul of the institutionally racist system that is Bowdoin Athletics. Despite this, we have only noticed surface-level modifications.  

The Bowdoin Athletes of Color Coalition has taken the initiative to create a list of essential changes within the athletic department as well as a timeline that outlines when we expect to see them. The list can be found in the link below. We ask you to read, internalize and reflect on everything written.

In signing onto to this petition, you are showing that you support a reform within the Bowdoin Athletic Department and that you expect these changes to be implemented.