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Is cloning worth it?

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'Harvesting the eggs, sperm and tissue of endangered animals for future cloning is a good plot for a horror film, but not reality (Report, 5 July). We need to spend time and resources on saving existing animals whose natural habitats are fast disappearing, rather than trying to resurrect them. Cloning animals after they’ve vanished from nature is fraught with problems, such as severe birth defects, premature degenerative diseases and poor immunity. If wild animals were cloned, they would likely end up in zoos, denied the opportunity to do almost anything natural and enjoyable, just like the polar bears, elephants and other animals currently kept captive. It is unarguably urgent to save threatened species’ habitats, but inflicting pain and torture is not the answer. If Dolly has taught us one thing, it’s that cloning animals belongs only in sci-fi stories.' -Jennifer White

I do not like the idea of a world where our food; meat, milk or any type of harvest, to be produced by cloning or the idea of a world where identical animals and humans are produced like food pellets in a factory. It is clear enough that the cons of cloning are way higher than its pros from all different prospects.


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