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justice for 6 week old baby

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david peter marsh also known as daisy marsh was charged with gbh with intent to a minor he pleaded not guilty the child was 6 weeks old when taken to hospital on the 4th sept 2015 following medical investigation the following injuries had been found:

an angulated transverse fracture of the proximal right femoral shaft 

there was also a metaphyseal fracture of the proximal left tabia metaphyseal fractures are strongly associated with non-accidental injury 

small bruise on the left cheek about 2cm from her mouth 

3cm long linear bruise to upper left thigh 

3cm linear bruise on front of knee

3cm linear bruise on front shin 

probable torn frenulum 

the child was 6 weeks old a investigation happened where the parents were both interviewed it came to both being charged and going to trail the father david marsh kept changing his story and finally admitted what he done to the baby in January 2017 before the trail began in march 2017 he has convictions dating back to 2006, 2008, 2009 which includes criminal damage to walls and doors there was a conviction in 2010 for battery against a former partner 

on 22nd March 2017 after david marsh pleaded guilty at bournemouth crown court he was sentenced to 18 months suspended sentence with a 2 year conditional discharge 

over a year he changed his story and never admitted what he done to the baby and when he realised all the evidence was against him he finally admitted what he done to then walk away free no justice for the 6 week old baby who is lucky to be alive today if wasn't taken to hospital no one would know the outcome 

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