Traffic control measures on Ashton Road

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Ashton Road in Bournemouth has long been a short cut for motorists to get between Wimborne Road and the A347 (Redhill Park Avenue). 

I have previously corresponded with the council regarding the use of Ashton Road but my concerns have been rebuffed due to the fact that there have been no casualties from accidents on Ashton Road in the last few years. The councils funding only permits them to resolve issues with roads where there is a record of casualty (see the Road Safety Document link below). 

That said, two clear issues remain; the overuse of the road and the speed that traffic travels along it. These issues cause undue congestion, nuisance and above all risk to residents, pedestrians (many being school children), property and motorists. This is a residential road, not a main thoroughfare. Though if it is to remain in use as the latter then it needs traffic controls of some description.

This petition is to garner support amongst local residents for the implementation by Bournemouth Council of traffic controls along Ashton Road. These traffic controls might take the form of speed bumps, a 20mph speed restriction or single lane priority points.