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We're bound to our Lease Agreements, but not to our Civil Rights?!

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Friends, Neighbors, Fellow Community Members & Leaders, I am sharing my story with you in hopes to support the movement to end ALL discrimination, bullying, negligence, and unlawful acts that exist in our modern world. 

I was a ghost. Dead but alive at the same time; I couldn't even recognize myself. I had to make the decision to either continue dwelling and digging deeper into a world that was not life, or get up and challenge myself. 

And so I did. 

I took the challenge and decided to move to Austin where I would embark on the journey of my healing process for PTSD, one of my many diagnoses that resulted from aggravated  sexual assault. Immediately, I was drawn the safety feature Tree Apartments offered as a gated community. Feeling safe is imperative in the process of my healing.  However, I was not aware that Tree Apartments would be whom I would have to protect myself against.

In good faith, I reached out for their support by submitting a "reasonable request for accommodation" that would alleviate stressors that contribute to my diagnosis. 

The Fair Housing Act 42 U.S.C. §§ 3601 - 3619 states that requested accommodations must be approved to allow individuals with a disability an equal opportunity to live in their homes UNLESS it causes: 

-Fundamental alterations of the provider's operations

-Financial / Administrative Burdens

The denial by Tree Apartments was for neither of these reasons, but for insufficient information that was never requested nor brought to my attention was required. No interactive process, required by law, was initiated in regards to my request. These violations of The Fair Housing Act have placed me in a condition far worse than I was before making Tree Apartments my home.

  • Fact: Tree Apartments is a Greystar Property who proudly supports Camp Hope – a nonprofit organization for individuals with PTSD.
  • Fact: Tree, a Greystar Property, has discriminated against an individual with PTSD. 
  • Fact: Tree, a Greystar Property is in Violation of The Fair Housing Act and their own Lease (paragraph 25.3)


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Please see the following links for supporting documents,  to support me in trial, and for additional information:

Googe Drive - Access to Supporting Documents

 US Dept of Justice: Fair Housing Act


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