Petition Against Infringement of Rights by Boulder County Public Health Order 2020-07

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This petition is against the infringement of the rights caused by the Boulder County Public Health Order 2020-07. Boulder county issued an order yesterday banning any gatherings (even just two people, including you and your roommate in public) of individuals who are between 18 and 22 years old. Offenders can be punished by a $5,000 fine or 18 months in jail. I cannot see how this is constitutional, as this seems to violate our first ammendment rights.

It would be one thing if this rule was enforced by a private university, as you are paying and choosing to attend. However, this was issued by the public government of Boulder County. This is a very clear step on how some are trying to dismantle democracy and diminish our constitutional rights by promoting fear about a virus whose actual cases to fatality ratios they fail to acknowledge. Side note: please do keep this in mind as you vote in the future. 

Additionally, I understand that it is our duty as citizens and our moral obligation as people to protect the populations around us who are most vulnerable, but I do believe this order is extreme and unconstitutional. I am against frat parties and packed bars, but I do not believe the government has the right to not allow you to see any of your peers. It is not right that sitting outside at a restaurant or going on a hike with one other friend is punishable by a $5,000 fine or 18 months in jail. I am not saying there should be no regulations, but less invasive and controlling measures that are constitutional while still health catious can and should be taken. We can do our part to slow the spread while still exercising our first amendment rights and not completely sacrificing the mental health of college-aged students.

As a young woman myself, I rarely exercise alone or do much alone due to safety concerns. I believe in the safety of the buddy system. It is wrong to tell young (ages 18-22), responsible, and cautious women that they cannot even go on a run with a roommate. If they want to exercise, they must go alone.

Try again, Boulder. I believe in regulations to help keep our community and country safe, but I also believe you, Boulder County, have overextended your power with Public Health Order 2020-07.

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