Stop Development on Celestial Seasonings Open Land and Habitat

Our family has lived next door to Celestial for 26 years. What has happened to the ethics and guiding principles of Boulder? Between this and the private planes constantly buzzing our neighborhood spewing lead exhaust, our beautiful Gunbarrel is being spoiled forever. Where will the raptors, the foxes, and the other wildlife go? Why would Boulder vote to wipe out this eco-system? Even my children are disgusted with the developers who are destroying our communities. This is not about affordable housing, this is about a small group of people making a profit and riding roughshod over our community. Celestial and the secret investors already sold out the community long ago, and the city is just going through the motions of 'approval'. What a shame.

Luana Rubin, Boulder, CO, United States
2 months ago
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