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Friends of Wonderland Lake
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Since the 1980s, the Wonderland Lake signage in Boulder, CO has referred to the area as a "Wildlife Sanctuary."  However, the City of Boulder never formalized this name.  We want to honor this Open Space refuge by making the name official:  "Wonderland Lake Wildlife Sanctuary."

Making the name formal will:

  1. Remind us to treasure this important wetland bird sanctuary and wildlife habitat.
  2. Reinforce the Open Space mission to "preserve and protect the natural environment" for future generations.
  3. Ensure that there remains a peaceful and thriving ecosystem for children & the community to learn about & enjoy!

The commemorative naming does not affect the legal status, or how Wonderland Lake is governed. The name change is to encourage public appreciation and stewardship of this wildlife preserve for generations to come.

Please *sign to support* the commemorative naming of the lake:  "Wonderland Lake Wildlife Sanctuary."  

The Community's Collective Goal: 

We are Friends of Wonderland Lake’s (FOWL), a volunteer community action group dedicated to the preservation of Wonderland Lake.  Recently, Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) proposed plans to build significant infrastructure on Wonderland Lake. The Interim Director of  OSMP, Dan Burke, stated during the January 2019 public meeting that OSMP:

“is setting aside all alternative designs, all options that we presented in the fall...and there will be no implementation of any activities associated with this project in 2019...We’ve heard enough already from the point of view of the public that the concepts of a pier and a boardwalk out onto Wonderland Lake are off the table...The overwhelming majority of the folks who have responded [to OSMP and City Council] have made it quite clear that those types of structures are not wanted at Wonderland Lake.”  

Now we seek to formalize the name, "Wonderland Lake Wildlife Sanctuary." Our aim is to educate and inform the public about the wildlife and ecosystem and support the public process regarding any future development. 

Join us by signing the petition and take the next step toward protecting and preserving Wonderland Lake in alignment with OSMP’s mission. 


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