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On Wednesday 09 May news broke in online newspapers that Polson Majaha, MP, was to be issued warrant of arrest for a case of defilement. Polson Majaha is a member of parliament for Nata/Gweta Area in Botswana.  This man is not stranger to defilement accusations. There was a scandals in the past involving him that circulated in social media but it never really impacted him much because just last year he was elected to be a member of Parliament.

His recent case accusation involve a girl of 15 years which the father of the victim reported to the police on 04/05/2020 at 0620hrs. The father of the child reports that she is 7months pregnant and the baby is Mr Majaha’s. According to the police report the victim says her ‘sexual relationship’ with the member of parliament started in September 2019.  The police report is currently circulating in social media. I’m asking you to sign this petition to demand the Members of parliament of Botswana and our President Mokgweetsi Masisi and other Botswana Democratic Party leaders to suspend Polson Majaga from political party duties. We also ask Polson Majaha to step down from his duties as a member of parliament because of his troubling behavior. The legal age for sex in Botswana is 18 by the way. 

Many men before him and currently in parliament or in council have gotten away with cases of defilement, rape and abuse and have faced no punishment. 

Since the lockdown Botswana has experienced a rise in defilement cases, cases of 2-3 years infants being raped are spiking, so who are we supposed to run to when the top people who are supposed to insure the future of our children are the ones destroying their future? I beg of everyone to please take time to sign this petition and pass it on because people like Majaha need to pay for their actions instead of getting paid thousands with tax money just to turn around and betray our trusts. LETS PROTECT OUR BOYS AND GIRLS, OUR CHILDREN by arguing the leaders of Botswana to take action against their peers who violate our kids. Remember children cannot consent to sex. THANK YOU