Keep Osteopathic Medicine Osteopathic

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The defining characteristic of what makes Osteopathic Medicine different than non-Osteopathic Medicine is the osteopathic content that is taught and tested at different levels of a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine's training. The American Osteopathic Association (AOA) is the largest association of Osteopathic professionals in the U.S. and also oversees the Osteopathic Certifying Boards of Specialists. The AOA leadership is in the process of creating Osteopathic Specialty Board exams that are devoid of osteopathic content. The individual Osteopathic specialty boards, the AOA house of delegates, the AOA-affiliated societies, and the AOA members at large have not request a board exam option that has absolutely no osteopathic content on it.

We feel that:

1. in order for someone to become osteopathically board certified in an osteopathic medical specialty there needs to be osteopathic content on that osteopathic certifying exam.

2. The AOA offering an Osteopathic certification specialty board exam option that is devoid of osteopathic content does not promote osteopathic medicine.

3. Osteopathic certification specialty boards should be in keeping with the objectives of the AOA and only strive to maintain and improve upon a high standard of Osteopathic medical education.

4. If the AOA certifying specialty boards offer a board certification option that is devoid of osteopathic content, it is tantamount to the AOA declaring that osteopathic content is not an essential part of Osteopathic Medicine.

5. With growing dissatisfaction of the American people with mainstream medicine and an Opioid crisis of epic proportions, now, more than ever, it is in the best interest of the public health for the AOA to dedicate itself to only promoting Osteopathic medicine and all those that are interested in practicing osteopathically.

6. There is a "DO Difference" and it ought to be promoted and celebrated and expanded upon.

Keep Osteopathic Content in all Osteopathic Specialty Certification Board Exams!!