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Bostyn's Petition! Washington, DC Ward 5 Council: Build an animal hospital that operates on a 24/7 schedule.

My name is Kevona Williamson and I created a petition on in October 2012 in hopes of building a 24/7 animal hospital somewhere in the Northeast Ward 5 area. In the month of October I saw a car run over my neighbors Dachshund "Bostyn", and I called the 2 closest veterinarians (Union Veterinary Clinic & Atlas Vet) , just to find out that they were closed. I also called The Friendship Hospital for Animals, now while they are an incredible hospital, their facility is all the way in the Northwest area close to the Maryland line. Bostyn died later that night because there were no other animal hospitals within the immediate area. My petition is important because too many pets are hurt every night, and there are no animal hospitals in the area that are open at night when the need is most dire. I would love for you councilmember to take a look at it and please try your best to have something done to move forward with the petition. If I need more signatures, please just let me know, I would do anything to get this petition off the ground. Just like your mission statement I want you to be a community leader dedicated to improving the lives of Ward 5 residents. This would really be a great addition to the Northeast DC Ward 5 area and pet owners all across the city will be very thankful!


Thank you so much,

Kevona D. Williamson 

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  • Washington, DC Ward 5 Council
    Hon. Kenyan McDuffie
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    Kenyan McDuffie

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