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The Expense to Build an In-House Corporate Video Production Studio Versus Outsourcing

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These days, businesses can’t stay on top without video. Every company needs videos produced for marketing, social media, training etc. Unfortunately, a multitude of options creates a confusing situation.

These days the economy is unstable, healthcare and employee benefit costs are increasing, corporate budgets are going down, and so is the number of staff members. Companies are running leaner, and are desperately looking for ways to reduce costs while gaining a higher return on investment in order to compete.

Here are a few pros and cons of the possible solutions, and hopefully your best choice should become clearer, based on your company’s needs.

The pros and cons of adding an in-house Boston video production studio:

An in-house video production studio is convenient

Having your own Boston video production studio right on your premises is extremely convenient and saves time.

However, there are some businesses that need the convenience more than others. Many who require a spur of the moment shoot can effectively take advantage of such a circumstance.

If you shoot short notice videos and you don’t have an in-house studio, you’d have to find a video production company with a crew and studio time available each time you need to shoot. But if you have your own in-house studio, that’s no problem.

Another convenience of having an in-house Boston video production facility is that it offers management and internal clients the ability to just walk into the facility and review a video with the editor present. That saves time and eliminates any confusion about changes.

The studio and equipment are time consuming and expensive to design, purchase and maintain

If you’re going to invest in a studio, you’ll need to design it to meet the company’s needs. Utilizing an experienced consultant is wise but it’s an expense. Then there’s going to be a need for upfront investment in building and setting up the studio.

Naturally the equipment will need on-going maintenance. Additionally, you’ll need to keep everything updated. This includes replacing computers, software and even camera equipment. All this takes research, money, and time to learn the new technology.

A built-in Boston video production studio increases privacy. 

An in-house studio, an in-house crew, or a sub-contracted crew with a confidentiality agreement in place gives you a greater chance at that privacy and confidentiality.

Your studio can take up a large share of the available office space. 

An in-house video department needs an appreciative amount of space to shoot and edit within the company. Additionally these areas need to be set apart and made sound-proof.

An in-house video production studio can give you great shoot quality. 

Some offices are not conducive to great quality because of issues like space, light and noise. With an in-house studio you can control your sound, set and lighting. You can be sure that you have the space to get the equipment set up right.

In the long term, an in-house video production studio and staff may save money. 

While the initial start-up costs can be high, if your company does a lot of video, over time an in-house studio actually saves money.


While the choice to build an in-house studio isn't always cut and dry, you can see that a lot will depend on your company’s needs. 

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