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Boston University: Stop Promoting Tickets to Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey Circus

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As an alum of Boston University, I was horrified when I found out that Boston University’s Alumni Association is promoting the Ringling Bros Circus which is notorious for cruelty to elephants and other wild animals.

Ringling Bros have been exposed for torturing and beating their elephants and forcing them to perform using whips, chains, and bullhooks. In the Ringling Bros. circus, elephants are beaten, hit, poked, prodded, and jabbed with sharp hooks, sometimes until bloody. Tigers are viciously struck with sticks so that they'll perform difficult and confusing tricks. There is video evidence and never before seen photos of Ringling's treatment of their elephants. Please review the website below to learn more about this organization that tortures animals.

When I called Boston University, I was told the alum that organized the event is involved with Ringling Bros. This is a huge conflict of interest. It seems Boston University would rather have discount tickets to "The Cruelest Show On Earth" rather than choose activities that are humane and cruelty free.

Please ask Boston University to immediately and permanently cease all promotions for Ringling Bros. Circus in New York or any other city in the country. By selling and promoting tickets, Boston University is directly supporting the suffering of animals.

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