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Remove Points And Disqualify the Colored Boston Terrier Shown Against AKC/BTCA Rules

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The BTCA/AKC Breed Standard disqualifies any color not described in the standard. Allowable colors include Black and White, Seal and White, Brindle and White, Black and White with Brindle, and lastly Seal and White with Brindle. The standard states all other colors not described in the standard are disqualified. 

In January 2017 in Sinton, TX, a breeder of disqualified colored Boston Terriers entered an AKC registered Boston Terrier that was "Blue and White with Brindle Markings".  This color is NOT described in the BTCA/AKC standard, nor does it fall under the AKC definition of "Brindle" as it is a blue base and does not have black hairs throughout the coat.  The dog should have been disqualified.  The judges awarded Reserve Winners Bitch and Winners Bitch both days,  both judges stating that they did not know the dog was blue.  One said the coat looked "funny", the other said they thought she was "seal". 

This exhibitor knowingly entered a dog against the standard and against the rules, hoping to slip by on a "loophole", trying to squeeze their blue dog into the "brindle" category. The dog should have been dismissed from the ring and disqualified by both judges. Instead the unethical owner was rewarded for breaking the rules and disrespecting the breed standard and the sport.  

Please sign this petition to let AKC know that you protest the blatant disregard for the rules of the show ring and that AKC should have the dog disqualified in all shows in which they competed, and the points stripped.  The owner knowingly broke the rules. When the show ring rules have been broken and nothing is done by AKC to remedy the situation, precedent is set for others to also behave unethically and disrespect the sanctity of the sport. 

Please support the Boston Terrier breed and support the breed standard by letting AKC know that rules should be followed and standards should be respected. 

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