Change the Name of Faneuil Hall to Eradicate White Supremacy from a National Landmark

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Faneuil Hall is known as the "Cradle of Liberty" but Africans were sold into slavery throughout what is known as the Faneuil Marketplace campus. The meeting house and marketplace are named after Peter Faneuil who was a slave trader and a supplier of New England products to slave plantations in the Caribbean. 

Boston/Suffolk County was home to 1,270 enslaved people in 1750, and many more were traded in Boston by individuals like Peter Faneuil, and then brought to other parts of Massachusetts.

20 million people visit Faneuil Hall each year, and do not learn this history from the National Park Service nor the City of Boston. 

Since 2017, Protestors have requested a hearing from Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and Boston City Council to discuss the ominous history of Faneuil Hall. The purpose of the hearing is racial repair and reconciliation by:

1) Serving as a public forum to discuss renaming of Faneuil Hall. A public building should not memorialize White Supremacy, 

2) Identifying and discussing opportunities within Faneuil Hall Marketplace and the City of Boston to create a holistic reflection of our history, that includes the narrative of BIPOC,

3) Examining the ways in which the Boston Public schools can be used to address racism in the city,

4) Engaging in systemic policy reform that addresses issues of race, discrimination of all sorts, segregated housing, economic equity, health disparities and high rates of black male homicide and incarceration. 

Please sign this petition to demand a hearing from Boston City Council and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh.  Use the hashtag #ChangetheName #BoycottFaneuilHall on social media as you share the petition.

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New Democracy Coalition 

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