Pass/Fail Option for Boston College Spring 2020 Semester

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Hello, my name is Benjamin Feibus, and I am a sophomore at Boston College majoring in marketing and philosophy. With the current, unfortunate state our spring semester is in, the transition to online classes will undoubtedly bring an array of challenges/difficulties. This change is the least ideal learning environment for most students, causing stress and confusion as well as eliminating the personal connection most feel essential to the learning process. Many students will be taking classes from time zones far outside that of Chestnut Hill, and many also do not have consistent computer access or stable internet connection available from home. As all students obviously aim to maintain solids grades, myself and many of my peers have legitimate fears over the negative effects these difficulties will bring to GPAs. 

I am well aware that BC administrators have made accommodations for this problem; however, it is still a substantial source of stress, anxiety, and distraction. Likewise, many students, including myself, are experiencing a similar stress, anxiety, and other negative psychological and emotional effects simply due to the general state of the world at this moment in time. While I understand these are tough times for all, continuing to grade students without regard to the vast shifts in focus and circumstance due to the changes in our environment and education is not equitable or sensible.

I am asking that you consider reworking the grading system for this semester to grant a Pass/Fail option, recognizing the sizable roadblock this switch has brought to all students. This will allow students some ease of mind, knowing the pandemonium of our current world will not harm the degrees we pay thousands to earn. Thank you for taking the time to read this petition- I hope all stay healthy and safe. Go Eagles.