Retract New Guest Policy for Class of 2021

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On the evening of September 30th, we received a school wide email about the new guest policies that will be enacted in a short two days for all students living on campus. As most seniors live in the Mods, or other apartments on campus in 6 men suites, our guest policy is being cut two-thirds of what we originally agreed to in order to live on campus, from 6 people to only 2.

Besides the fact that we are only getting a 2 days notice on new rules that drastically change our social and academic lives, this was not what we had agreed to when we signed the Eagle Care Pledge to live on campus. It is egregiously unfair that we are now not even able to socialize with the people who we blocked with and chose to spend our final year at BC with.

Our senior year is already ruined with the strict rules instated by BC, and now that we have finally adjusted we are blindsided with this new policy. As the senior class, we have been acting extremely prudently and adhering to all rules, exemplified in the zero new cases within the senior class. Unless the policy reverts back to its already strict state, seniors will move off campus in mass exodus next semester so that we can socialize in adherence with state laws. We implore BC, Michael Lochhead, Dr. Douglas Comeau, and Joy Moore to excuse the senior class from this new policy as our year is already compromised enough, and this simply ruins the rest of our experience.